QR code art

Qr Code Art: Going Beyond QR 101

If you are even a bit comfortable with qr Codes, you are aware they are kind of like barcodes that carry digital information. And, like UPC’s, these distinctive codes were initially used mainly for stock tracking. However, these distinct appearing codes possess a massive edge over conventional UPC’s in that they’ll carry significantly more information. […]

Mother and home

The importance of home for women

Males are extremely important to their household. Regrettably, the guy has actually left off the home in our society. Equally important, however, is the woman in the house. Women hold a crucial position in the shaping of the next generation, and in the life of their spouse. Simply guys have disappeared from the landscape of […]

Home security

Making your home as secure as possible

Leading Answer: Looks Matter Do not have anything important. Or at least, don’t appear to. Look like you appreciate maintenance and security. You do not need to outrun the bear, and so on. Secure your air conditioners if they’re in-window. That’s so easy to do. Avoid doors which have glass near the doorknob. I saw […]

QRcodes in art with trainees

The methods which you can use QR codes are only limited by your creativity. Here are 5 concepts to get you started. 1. Offer extra information for your hallway screens. When you show trainee work, think about adding a QR code in the corner of your bulletin board system. The code might teach audiences about […]