The content of the QR Code for each table is customizable by its owner. Once the purchase is made, the owner receives, by mail, his access codes to the “QRious Deco Manager”.

The QRious Deco Manager is the customization interface for your table. It has been developed specifically so that you can take control of your QR Code.

Decide yourself what content will be displayed when scanning the table. Change it as many times as you want.


Once on the QRious Deco Manager, there are several possibilities:

URL: Enter the url link corresponding to the page of a site, a video, twitter wire, wikipedia … make sure that the content is correctly readable on a smartphone.

TXT: Enter a text of up to 160 characters, apply a style and choose the color of the text and background.

IMG: add an image from your hard drive (blocked function on the Iphone / iPod / iPad).
After clicking “Validate”, the QR code of your table is immediately operational. A simple scan of the table with a smartphone and your message, image or website will open on the screen.

Offer a painting QRious Déco

If you want to offer a painting to a loved one, it’s easy! You can delegate the customization of QR code content to the recipient by going to:
TO: enter the mail of the person to whom you wish to offer the table, and therefore delegate the management of the QR Code.


How to read QR Code with a smartphone


To be able to scan a QRious Deco table, you must have a QR Code reader. We advise you several free applications, depending on your mobile, in order to read the QR Code:

Iphone: Neoreader, i-nigma, QRAfter, Mobiletag

Androïd: Neoreader, Mobiletag, Barcode scanner

Blackberry: Neoreader, i-nigma

Download one of these applications and scan your table. The content of your QR Code you entered on the “QRious Deco Manager” will immediately appear on your smartphone screen.

For more information on the operating instructions, please do not hesitate to contact us.