Whether it is for your office, your lobby or at a trade show, we create a unique painting, adapted to your color code, your trade or your event, while keeping our freedom Creative, imprint of the QRious Deco concept.

An innovative and interactive communication medium

The QRious Déco table, in addition to being a decorative object, is a new tool for your communication. Thanks to the personalization of the content of the QR Code, you can choose to put different messages according to your news:

A video of institutional communication

A promotional message for the launch of a new product

A teasing operation

A game as part of an incentive seminar

The QR code technology allows you to create a link with the people who will pass your table and scan it with their smartphone.


Once the table is delivered, you become the owner and the associated QR code belongs to you. The access codes for your personalization area (QRious Deco Manager) are then communicated to you.

You can then log into the QRious Deco Manager (“Customize” button in the right column) and enter the message you want to appear on your visitors smartphones screen when they scan your table.

Whether it is the link to your website, the presentation video of one of your projects, a photo of an inauguration or a welcome message to new recruits … all pretexts will be possible to personalize the content of your QR Code And modify it at will.

The QRious Deco Manager, your personalization area, is permanently accessible on your mobile, tablet or computer.

Do not hesitate to contact us, whatever your request. We will contact you shortly to discuss your project “made to measure” and send you an estimate.