The Concept

QRious Déco offers you design paintings through graphic and artistic work with QR Codes.
The novelty of the QRious Déco concept is that it combines the original design, QR Code technology and customization with the decorative object itself.


Hyper Reality Design

The realization of our tables requires a very variable creative process. Depending on their emotions, their readings, their impulses, our artists-designers create bicolour and rounded creations, or even monochrome by playing on matter or words. There are no limits. Their creative territory is vast and will allow you to regularly admire new QRious Deco canvases.

“Hyper Reality Design” obliges our creators to test all the creative possibilities, all the variants related to their imagination, while respecting the technical standards so that the QR code works. An important research and test work is therefore carried out on each of our works.

Limited edition

The paintings created by our artists-designers are made only in 10 copies . All are numbered. You buy not only an array, a customizable object but also a rare work.

QR Custom Code

Each table is unique in the message you want to associate with it. Indeed, the QR code of your table is customizable at will. Whether it is on your mobile or your computer, you can change the redirect link of your QR Code as many times as you want by accessing your private area, the QRious Deco Manager. Simple and fast .

What is a QR code?

The QR code is a two-dimensional bar code (or matrix code) made up of black modules arranged in a square with a white background. The name QR is the acronym for the English Quick Response because its data content can be decoded quickly. Designed to be read by a QR barcode reader, a mobile phone, or a smartphone, it has the advantage of being able to store more information than a bar code.


Our Concept :

QRious Déco is a new concept of interactive decoration. We create design based on QR Codes. QR code content. This article is a preview generated by EVS QR Codes and personalization.
QR Code “Quick Response Code”. Created by the Japanese in 1984, it is a 3D code you have to scan in order to see its content on your mobile screen. (Iphone, Android, Blackberry)