What is a QR Code ?

Have you heard of QR codes yet? Here is a quick introduction:

What Are QR codes?

They came to us from Japan where they are typical. QR is brief for Quick Action (they can be read quickly by a mobile phone). They are used to take details from a transitory media and put it into your cell phone. You might quickly see QR Codes in a publication advert, on a billboard, a web page or perhaps on somebody’s tee shirt.
Once it remains in your mobile phone, it might provide you information about that business (allowing users to look for close-by locations), or details about the person wearing the t-shirt, show you a URL which you can click to see a trailer for a film, or it may offer you a discount coupon which you can utilize in a regional outlet.
The reason they are more helpful than a basic barcode is that they can save (and digitally present) far more information, including url links, geo collaborates, and text. The other essential feature of QR Codes is that instead of requiring a chunky hand-held scanner to scan them, numerous contemporary cell phones can scan them.

How does the cellular phone read the code?

The cellular phone needs a QR code reader, like this one from Kaywa. It takes literally 1 minute for somebody with an iPhone or Android phone to find and install the reader.

How do you produce a code?

You can easily produce a QR code using a site like Kaywa.com or you can utilize the Open Source code to produce codes for you if you have a wise developer on hand.

Will your consumers use them?

Today, some might use them, however those that do will definitely appreciate your tech knowledge, and those that don’t will definitely be inquisitive, which might open the door for discussion and a possible sale.
Those that do use QR codes will absolutely have a high tech know-how and may be more responsive to your existence online, your Twitter existence, Facebook, MySpace, YouTube and so on.

How could you use a QR code?

Your service, no matter how small or large, might utilize QR codes in a variety of methods. You may generate one next to every item on your website containing all the item information, the number to call and the URL connect to the page so they can show their buddies on their mobile phone.
You could add one to your service card including your contact details so its easy for somebody to include you to their contacts on their cell phone.

Add them to any print marketing, flyers, posters, welcomes, TV ads etc including:

  • Product details
  • Contact details
  • Offer information
  • Event information
  • Competition details
  • A discount coupon
  • Twitter, Facebook, MySpace IDs
  • Connect to your YouTube video